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EAST WALPOLE – Thank you for visiting my new website.  You may have been to my old website or perhaps you are a new visitor.  Either way, I am happy to have you  here.

So, you’re probably asking, why did you change your website?  Well I ‘m glad you asked.  Just like my jean size in high school, I grew out my old website.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my old website by Fine Art Studios Online.  The ease of start-up and the ability to get my name and work seen was invaluable.  The templated formats enabled me to customize a complete solution including hosting, email, integrated blogging, and an enewsletter capability.  The support was also great and I’ll miss them.  If you are starting your art career or don’t want to design and program your own site, you should definitely consider using them.

So, this is where the growing out of part comes in.

You see, I eventually got to a point where I needed to better brand my business.  I wanted to build my own site but I still am not that technically savvy.  Nor do I particularly want to be.

Therefore, my research lead me to WordPress.

Although WordPress is well known as a blogging software, they also have website design capabilities and a number of partners who build really cool templates on the WordPress platform.  I chose ThemeTrust’s Craft Theme.  I liked their themes because they combine beauty and functionality.  Plus, I liked the nifty home page slide show, carousels, and portfolio capability.  Since blogging is built-in, I’ll be able better communicate my brand, tell stories about my art, dispense valuable information to artists and collectors, and create a better dialog with site visitors.  Like all businesses, cutting costs is important to me and this change will save me nearly $250 a year.  Hey folks, that is a couple canvases,brushes, and tubes of paint.

I feel like a proud papa with the birth of my new baby website and wish I had a cigar right now to celebrate.  I hope you look around and I’d love to hear your opinions on the site.  What do you like?  What can I improve?  Maybe you can tell me about your own website building challenges by leaving a comment below.

Thanks again for visiting and come back soon.