Farm Painting Hits Home with Collector

“JT, I really appreciate your work. The painting arrived in perfect condition yesterday. For me it is much more than a rendering – it is memories and feelings. I’m so happy that Ralph contacted me about you and that I requested you do this. The walls in my den are a light yellow and the painting and frame work well together.

Hoping you have a safe and healthy New Year. Many THANKS!”

– Client


I love my job, especially when I can do commissioned works like the one above. The painting was recently completed for a gentleman who lived and worked on Hill Crest Farm as a young boy. The farm is directly across the street from Adams Farm in Walpole, MA which I also have painted twice.

The painting has several personal touches that add meaning to the piece and were incorporated based on the information the client shared with me during our initial consultation. For instance, I chose a morning scene so I could show a light on in one of the rooms.  This is because he fondly remembers getting up early to attend to the herd of Hereford cattle. The two cattle in the field were also added to the painting in order to stage a historical scene. As the finishing touch, I added Hill Crest lettering above the barn doors.

He is no longer living at the farm, and there are no Hereford cattle in the field, but now he can look at the painting in his office and fondly remember living on North St., “back in the day.”

Is there a painting you have in mind, or a special spot you’d like remember?