Equine Portrait of Majestic Mystic

Mystic, a 23 year old thoroughbred and retired polo pony, was the subject of this recently completed commissioned painting.

I met the client and her horse at the family property which had a stunning new stable with green barn doors.  Mystic was just getting bathed and prepped for her photo shoot.  The stable made a great backdrop so I took numerous photos of the horse and stable.  I chose the best of the bunch and sent the client the selection.  We both loved the one of Mystic in front of the stable door.  The verticals, horizontals, and diagonals strengthened the composition.  Plus, seeing through the window, into the inside of the stable, added interest, depth, and mystery.

To increase the impact of the piece, by making her head nearly life sized, I chose a 2′ x 2′ square canvas.  The project took a little over  one month to complete and the finishing touch included adding her name to the bridle plate.

Result: The client loved it.  When I delivered the painting, I think she said “Wow…Beautiful.”  Which is music to my ears!