Opposites Attract!


vive la différence, 8 x 8″ oil on canvas (Copyright 2014 JT Harding Studios)

January 25th is officially known as Opposite Day.  In honor of this holiday, I am auctioning this colorful still life of an apple and satsuma orange.  Ironically, the painting is a visual depiction of the title vive la différence – A French saying which means long live the differences (between the sexes).  To add to its uniqueness, I painted it as a diamond shape (which is really just a tilted square).

This is the first of many Small Works Silent Auctions I will hold throughout the year.  Most of the works auctioned will be small works, color studies, and Plein Air pieces.  These little gems are usually painted Alla Prima (in one session) and have a lively quality of spontaneity.

How it works.
No one sees anyone’s bid. Simply bid what you think the painting is worth to you. No reserve or minimum bids. The highest bidder wins.

To bid – simply click here!
– You are bidding on the painting UNFRAMED.
– Winning bid does not include sales tax or shipping costs.
– Bids are ‘silent’ or ‘sealed’, so no one sees your bid.
– There is no minimum bid and no reserve price.
– Simply bid what the painting is worth to you.
– Highest bid wins the auction.
Auction ends Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at Midnight EST.
– I will contact the winning bidder the next day.

Hurry and  bid here before the auction closes.